Evening Bible Study

The Evening Bible Study meets on the second Wednesday of the month from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. Please email parishoffice@stjohnschicago.com for the Zoom link.

April and May 2022: The Acts of the Apostles

March 2022: The Wisdom of Solemn

January and February 2022: Discussion Questions for II Kings

November and December 2021: Discussion Questions for I Kings

October 2021: The book of James Reflection Questions

February-May: The Gospel of John Discussion Questions

October – January: Romans

September 2020: Four Prophets: Joel, Amos, Obediah and Jonah

July and August 2020: The book of Exodus.

May and June 2020: Reflection on the book of Genesis, Part I and Genesis Part II

April 2020: Reflection on the book of Job. Reflection Questions on the book of Job

March 2020: Reflection on the book of Esther.

February 2020: Reflection Guide for I Corinthians.

January 2020: Reflection Guide for the Book of the Prophet Isaiah.

November 2019: Reflection Guide for the Gospel of Matthew